As India’s economy grows, there is an urgent need to produce technicians of international standard to meet industry’s rising demand for skilled manpower. However, the vocational education stream in India is quite small, enrolling less than 3 percent of students at the upper secondary level. Analysis also shows that the Vocational Education and Training (VET)system is not responding to the needs of the labor market. Less than 40 percent of its graduates find employment. Industry’s limited involvement in the management of vocational training is a key constraint to matching skills between demand and supply. Public training institutions also need to be given incentives to improve their performance.


The Buds Open school offers a supplementary form education to the normal education to help the young children and adolescents gain skils that can help them towards independence. The school drop outs and low performers especially children lviing with HIV are encouarged to study through norn formal methods, in addition to special skills like computer training, arts and crafts and embroidery that are taught on monthly basis.

This training was organised to engage the young people during the summer holidays and also enhance their skills and provide opportunities for new learning.

Mobile Repairing

Our learning modules cater to a range of vocational skills like mobile repairing, electronics repairing, electrical repairing, computer software, computer hardware repairing, home appliances repairing, masonry and plumbing. We’ve been able to make a considerable impact because all the challenges of the traditional model have been addressed in our model. So far, we’ve trained more than 500 – 600 students across three training centers.

Computer Repairing

At the very minimum, employers seek computer repair professionals with at least high school degrees. Depending on the company, professional certifications and hands-on experience may be more important than a formal college education. Other employers require an associate or bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field.

Computer and office technology technicians generally need at least an associate degree and basic skills in electronics repair. Computer support specialists, on the other hand, monitor system performance and ensure that computers are working properly. A computer support specialist may need as little as a certificate or as much as a bachelor’s degree, depending on the employer.

Automobile Repairing

Trainees are skilled with modern and advanced automobile technologies and maintenance abilities.This trade creates a lot of young initiators/entrepreneurs and efficient mechanics.A well flourished workshop adds extended learning for the trainees. Trainees are made capable for operating different types of complex machines.They are made well skilled in annexing the machines with new job profiles and also well trained in computer controlled machine operating.Our institution is the only ITI in private sector with this trade.