Agriculture Projects

Our agricultural projects play a big part in why we are able to do so much on such a small budget. Not only do we grow much of our own food (we even make our own cooking oil), but we also are able to sell excess production to generate much needed funds that can then be channeled into other areas. In this last year almost all of our day to day expenses, including our staff and workers salaries were paid for by our agriculture department through the sale of various produce.

Shree Gorur Seva Foundation Trust


The Agriculture Project’s objectives are to increase rural incomes and stimulate the rural economy through rural entrepreneurship. To achieve these objectives, the project focuses on improving factor productivity and competitiveness of agricultural products by providing assistance for the: a) privatization of rural lands; b) privatization and rehabilitation of select rural infrastructure; and c) improvement of human resources skills for entrepreneurship in rural areas; d) introduction of new farming technologies consistent with transformed private agriculture; and e) improvement in food quality. Project components include: i) land reform which includes national geodetic network; cadastral surveying; and state-owned rural lands disposal policy and institutional strengthening; ii) farm drainage rehabilitation; iii) land use management; iv) agricultural advisory services; v) food quality control and veterinary laboratory; and vi) project management.